Our sustainability strategy

As part of the Graña y Montero style, we seek to generate value in the long term (i.e. to develop economically profitable businesses, that are beneficial to the society and that protect the environment). That allows us to build trust and transcend as an organization, promoting a virtuous development circle, where both the company and society win.

Our Sustainability Policy defines clear guidelines as well as commitments on the 7 most important topics for our sustainable management:

7 priority topics

  • Ethics
  • People Development
  • Operational Excellence
  • Safety
  • Environment
  • Communication

From these guidelines, each business and project of the corporation develops its own plans and objectives, according to their business’ particularities and associated risks.

Main Initiatives

GMP promotes health campaign in the peasant community in Paita

Over 500 families from the Miramar Vichayal peasant community, in the province of Paita, were targeted by this health campaign which seeks to prevent diseases in children and adults in the area.
As a result of this 3-day health campaign, at-risk pregnant women and children with symptoms of respiratory diseases, skin spots and stomach infections were detected. All of them were given medications distributed without charge. One of the locals benefited from this initiative was 86-year old Andrés Barreto Rumiche, who was grateful for the support received. He said “This is the first time adults over 70 years old are seen for prostate problems, renal stones, hernias and abdominal pain through an ultrasound scanner installed in the medical center of the communities of San Luis, Miramar and Vichayal”.

  • Many conditions were detected such as: respiratory and skin diseases, urinary infections, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, arthrosis, arthritis, among others.
  • Specialists in gynecology and pediatrics participated, as well as general doctors and pharmacists.

Formation of the Environmental Participating Committee

GMP conducts a workshop to provide basic knowledge on the environmental regulations governing hydrocarbon exploitation operations. Therefore, the workshop attendees were able to understand the importance of maintaining environmental quality standards for air, water and soils.

  • 50 participants of the workshop

Preventing disasters in the Miramar-Vichayal peasant community

GMP provides training in first aid, rescue, salvage and transportation of wounded people in order to help community members become rescue brigade members, and have them replicate this experience for the benefit of other nearby towns such as San Luis, La Bocana and Vichayal.

  • 50 villagers of the Miramar –Vichayal peasant community, trained in first aid, rescue, salvage and transportation of wounded people.

Formalization of 23 artisanal fishers in La Bocana

GMP supported the training of 23 artisanal fishers of La Bocana town in the district of Vichayal in order to provide them with the card that will certify them as formalized artisanal fishers and will also give them access to many benefits such as credits, trainings and free health insurance.

  • 23 formalized artisanal fishers in the district of Vichayal.

Empowerment Program (Courses on handicrafts for ladies of the area of influence)

GMP conducts Skill Development and Training Workshops for women from the Miramar-Vichayal peasant community. The workshops are aimed at teaching women different garment weaving techniques in order for them to obtain the financial resources to improve their families’ quality of life.

  • 40 women of the Miramar-Vichaya peasant community.

Employability programs for young people from Talara

GMP is investing in its 3rd training program aimed at improving employability conditions and promoting labour insertion for young people from Talara.

  • 500 young people from Talara participated in the “Employability Program” in the last 3 years.

Skill Development and Training Program for teachers from 6 schools (2013-2015)

In 2013, thanks to the support of GMP and Espacio Azul, the teacher training program intervention started in 6 schools from Talara, reaching amazing outcomes by the end of the program in 2015 that are allowing trained teachers to become local educational leaders.

  • 96% of teachers obtained the certification.
  • 2,315 students were benefited.
  • 1,600 targeted families.
  • 62% students with satisfactory levels.
  • 20% of trained teachers in the program became Docentes Fortaleza y Acompañantes Pedagógicos (Strength Teachers and Pedagogical Escorts).
  • 9% teachers were upgraded.
  • First and second place in 2014 according to ECE in Talara.

Firefighter Station - 2015

In order to reinforce the General Fire Brigade from Negritos, GMP delivers its second Work for Taxes by providing them with the equipment and infrastructure they need to conduct adequate preventive safety actions and improve their capacity to respond to emergencies.

  • S/. 3.2 million soles.
  • New ambulance and truck bomb (manufactured in Peru).

Casa de la juventud (House of Youth) - 2012

In 2012, GMP opened the Casa de la Juventud in Talara in order to contribute to the development and training of over 6,400 young people from Talara per year. This construction required an investment of 3.4 million nuevos soles, and its facilities have a modern auditorium, ten classrooms, a computer lab, a cafeteria, among other rooms, equipped with furniture, computers and audiovisual equipment for productive and recreational workshops that may contribute to the training of young people.

  • S/. 3.4 million soles.
  • Over 6,400 beneficiaries.
  • 45,000 hours/man of training.

Our Corporate Policies

Corporate Anti-corruption Policy
Responsible Commercial Practices Policy
Code of Business Conduct
Corporate Risk Policy

Sustainability Reports

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