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Training and Competitiveness of local producers

For the population of San Luis Rural Community from Paita province, agriculture is the economical activity which allows them to improve their quality of life. Therefore, Graña y Montero Petrolera (GMP) through the Office of Social Management has trained farmers about the use of insecticides, fungicides, bio stimulants and fertilization.

One of the proposed goals for these workshops is to achieve great improvements in their sown fields so they can be introduced in a competitive market showing quality goods.

“In the training for crops of Castilla beans, Hard Peruvian Purple Corn and Green vegetables, more than 30 local farmers are trained so they can know the necessary volume and improve their production, find alternatives of business and take advantage of resources in a sustainable manner. ” affirmed Ignacio Ishikawa Masuda, Social Management Manager of GMP.

According to Aparicio Sernaque Oblea, one of the farmers with more experience in the field, in its 50 years as farmer, he has seen how plagues destroyed his crops generating huge economical losses by decades. That is the reason why he did not lose the opportunity to encourage his friends to learn about such crop techniques which will allow them a good crop.

It is expected that farmers of San Luis start selling their mentioned products to a national company with export potential in 2016.