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Skill Development and Christmas Party in Miramar-

Graña Montero Petrolera (GMP) celebrated Christmas in advance with the 4 towns of the Miramar Vichayal peasant community of Paita.

The celebration attended by over two thousand children included a presentation of a storyteller, preparation of hot chocolate drink, and giving out children’s books about values for life to all 3 to 11-year old children of the community.

“As part of our social responsibility activities, in GMP we seek to promote skill development in our areas of influence, therefore, we chose to give out children’s books in order to promote reading habits and instill values in children”, explained Julio García Olaechea, head of community relations of GMP.

During the celebrations, a well-known storyteller in Piura read some children’s stories using puppets, games and music, thus bringing joy to both children and adults from the community. At the end, local authorities and the Miramar Vichayal peasant community, mothers, and GMP’s collaborators got together to drink the hot chocolate with the traditional panetón (type of sweet bread with candied fruits and raisins traditionally eaten in Christmas in Peru). There was an entertaining show which included games, clown shows, musical performances and puppet shows, and together with this delicious chocolate drink, made this day the happiest day for children.

Jaime Ramírez, co-organizer of the community, thanked Graña y Montero Petrolera for their commitment to the education of Paita’s children.