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Second work for taxes by GMP. Volunteer fire station in La Brea - Negritos

In order to support public safety and contribute to the development of citizenship in their areas of influence, Graña y Montero Petrolera (GMP) and the Municipality of La Brea inaugurated the fifth of April, "The Volunteer Fire Station Company No. 62 " in the district of La Brea, Talara - Piura.

The work involved major reconstruction and general equipment, provisioning a Fire Station with infrastructure and tools needed to provide the best services for the community.

This important work will benefit approximately over 129 thousand people in the province of Talara, with a Fire Station first order, modern and safe, significantly increasing responsiveness to compliance with appropriate preventive work on safety and emergency care.

The project required an investment of S /. 3.7 million and looked well integrated reconstruction and office equipment, the purchase of two vehicles for emergencies: 1 Mobile unit 1 Urban fire and ambulance. It was also endowed furniture, computer equipment, communication, audio-vision, vehicle rescue, among others.

With the completion of this project, which is the second experience of GMP in the form of tax works (Law No. 29230) in Talara, GMP not only seeks to achieve a positive and sustainable change in communities where it operates, but under the strategy Grow and Share, seeks to promote a culture of prevention of risks and accidents, with the support and active participation of firefighters and people in the area.