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Formalization and Training for Artisanal fishermen

Under the Sustainability Model of Graña y Montero Group, GMP has developed a workshop for artisanal fishers of the rural community of Miramar-Vichayal.

The goal of this workshop is to put in practice the knowledge about marine biology, different arts of fishing and new alternatives used in fishing of our country. Also, they could learn about the navigation principles, maritime regulations, safety of human life in the sea, all with the intention that activity can be developed by accomplishing the rules and international agreements of a sustainable fishing.

This workshop does not only search to share knowledge with this sector of the community but it allow us to help in its formalization; therefore, fishermen will access to benefits from institutions as the captaincy, FONDEPES, municipality, EsSALUD, SIS, entities who give credit and insurances, among others.

The workshop was given by FONDEPES – Paita Zonal and it was performed in 2 days. Beneficiaries were 23 artisanal fishers who strengthened their competences to execute their daily fishing, navigation and security of human life in the sea so they can live in harmony with the environment and sustainability of resources in time and space created by a responsible fishing.