Our Team

Our team is made up of more than 467 employees, who are committed to their work and help us to provide efficient solutions in each of our Business Units, which go beyond our contractual obligations.

We have specialized teams, who through continuous improvement and operational excellence of processes guarantee and prioritize safety in our operations.


Natalia Perez Romero

Head of Office Administration, Exploration and Production Business Unit

For 7 years, GMP has allowed me to be part of an organization providing constant opportunities. The experience I gained year over year and each leader who has mentored me have played a key role in my professional growth. They have also helped me define my corporate objectives based on the company’s guidelines that were conveyed to me thoroughly. The company’s objective is to make learning an ongoing process and make sure that the changes made are sustainable, value-adding, tangible, and result-oriented. Opportunities are given by companies, but we should promote them, nurture them and strengthen them

Juan Carlos Pastor

Head of the Mollendo Terminal, Transportation and Distribution Business Unit

The greatness of our company is measured by our values and the professionalism of each of our workers since the role of each person in Graña y Montero Petrolera is very important to accomplish the expected objectives.Everybody, from the general manager to the lowest-rank employee, has an important role to fulfill and is very proud to do it every day

Juan Carlos Devoto Escobar

Department of Maintenance, Exploration and Production Business Unit

The work style that identifies us is not only what we do but how we do it. Working for Graña y Montero Petrolera has helped me dramatically with my professional development; here in GMP we work with autonomy and responsibility for every decision that we make. Nobody has ever turned his/her back on me when I have had a doubt, neither have I found any luxuries and eccentricities. Our offices are not very sophisticated and the collaborator’s profile is simple and fresh, leaving no place for arrogance. This creates an excellent working environment; therefore, working for GMP is a satisfactory experience for me

Angelica Muñoz Ramos

Head of Operations at Planta de Gas Pariñas (Pariñas Gas Plant), Natural Gas Business Unit

Graña y Montero Petrolera is a company with a value-based culture, which provides opportunities for personal and professional growth. It contributes to your growth by providing you the support you need to grow. It is a company that involves key staff in the preparation of its strategies and seeks the alignment and integration of their operation units to continue growing. The effort, dedication and commitment of the entire staff motivate me to stay in GMP taking up new challenges and seeking continuous improvement.

Willy Tello

Head of Personnel of the Human Management, Main Office

GMP is a great place to work with values that go beyond the work field, i.e. personal values such as ethics and our code of conduct. Furthermore, it is a company that promotes responsible autonomy, making people feel proud of belonging to this state-of-the-art organization.

Willy García Adrianzen

Engineer of Reservoirs of the Exploration and Production Business Unit

GMP is simply part of my family. During these seven years of work, I strongly identify myself with the company’s ongoing growth, and in my area there is an atmosphere of fraternity that makes daily work very productive. The cooperative spirit of their professionals and the respect for their points of view contributes to the personal and professional development.