Our Company

With more than three decades of experience operating owned and third-party infrastructure, we focus on attracting investments and operating infrastructure in the oil, gas, chemical and energy industry, among others.

We currently conduct our own oil and gas exploration and production operations in lots I, III, IV and V in Northeast Peru; additionally, we own and operate an associated natural gas processing plant where we also sell liquids such as LPG and solvents. Furthermore, we operate ten liquid hydrocarbon reception, storage and shipment terminals strategically located throughout the national territory.



GMP S.A. starts as GMB (partnership with Blocker), operating two drills in the Laguna Zapotal Project where over 150 wells were drilled.


In 1990, GMP signs an exploration agreement for the Carpitas-Zorritos Lot in Tumbes. 2D seismic and geochemical surveys were made for 300 kilometers, including the drilling of five holes, out of which the X-2 well reached a depth of 12 thousand feet.

Lot V

GMP was awarded the Service Agreement for the operation of Lot V in Talara. That same year, we bought two drilling equipment from Petroperú: Equipment number 8, which reaches a depth of 6 thousand feet, and equipment number 10, which is about 14 thousand feet deep.

Lot I

In August 1994, GMP is granted the Operation Service Agreement for Lot I in Talara.

Consorcio Terminales

In February 1998, Consorcio Terminales (company made up of GMP and Oiltanking GmbH) starts its liquid hydrocarbon logistic operations through the operation of the Terminals of Eten, Salaverry, Chimbote, Supe, Pisco, Mollendo, Ilo, Juliaca and Cusco.

In 2,000, we formed the Bolivian Hydrocarbons Logistics Company, operating the System of 1,500 km of Pipes for Transport of Fuels and 19 Plants of Reception, Storage and Dispatch of Liquid Fuels. The Pipes System came to transport 20,000 Barrels per day and the Storage Plants came to dispatch approximately 40,000 Barrels per day until 2008, when the Bolivian State expropriates the assets and takes back control of the business through YPFB.

Marino Pisco-Camisea Terminal

In 2004, through an international bidding conducted by Pluspetrol, GMP and Oiltanking obtain an authorization to operate the Marino Pisco-Camisea Terminal, located 4 kilometers away from the Coast where Propane, Butane, Diesel and Nafta are loaded.


In 2007, Logística de Químicos del Sur (LQS) is set up, a company made up of GMP, Oiltanking GmbH and Santa Sofía Puertos in Matarani.

New Parinas Gas Plant

In 2008, the new Pariñas Natural Gas Processing Plant was built in Talara. The plant started to operate in in 2009.

Peru Terminals

Perú Terminals (company made up of GMP and Oiltanking GmbH) starts with the administration and operation of 5 Petroperú Terminals in the Northern and Central part of the country. The terminals are: Eten, Salaverry, Chimbote, Supe and Callao respectively.

Lots III and IV

On April 5, the operation of 2 new License Agreements for the extraction of hydrocarbons in lots III and IV. Both agreements last 30 years.